Last Man Standing By Maulana Khalid Dhorat   It used to happen once in a blue moon, then about once in a year, then about once a month, but now it doesn’t happen weekly or daily, but about ten times a day! Very soon, it will happen so often till there are none left standing,

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Pay your zakaah


Non-payment of Zakāh is a direct cause of famine. The indirect causes maybe some scientific explanation like the change of weather patterns worldwide, the “greenhouse” effect or whatever else, but Allah Ta’ala is in control of the weather patterns, the workings of nature and He alone determines whether it should rain or not.

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A Mall Here, A Mall There, A Mall Everywhere


“We’ve had a hectic week. Let’s go and chill somewhere. Where shall we go to?”

“Let’s go and check out the new mall down the road.”

“We’re expecting visitors from Durban this weekend. Where do we take them?”

“To the new mall in the neighbourhood.”

“I just need a few ingredients to complete my cake recipe. Where can I find them?”

“I’m sure the latest mall on the block stocks them.”

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