Month: November 2014

You are not my father

A man worked very hard during his lifetime to bring his son, Hiran, up. Since he wasn’t given a university education, his desire was that his son becomes the first graduate in his family. He worked two eight-hour shifts a day just to ensure that the exorbitant tuition fees could be paid. Alas, on the

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Why Me?

A sign of perfect belief is when one is happy with his Lord in good times, as well as bad times. Both these conditions should be equal to a true believer. If they are not, this is a sign of hypocrisy: hypocrisy in the sense of “when the going is good, we will worship you;

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Pinnochio, why is your nose so long?

Yes, I do remember all the Fairy Tales of my school years. However, although I would’ve loved to be the character who stole the giant’s gold in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, I would never want to be like Pinnochio, the wooden puppet whose nose always grew longer whenever he lied. Children always

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The best always comes last

Muhammed, Mohamed, Muhamad or Mahomed… spell it any way you like, but this is the most popular name used in the world today. One in three Muslims in the world is either named Muhammad or their name is prefixed with it like Muhammad Usamah or Muhammad Adnan. Non-Muslims, when referring to this magnificent prophet often

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What is my discount?

A fashionable lady driving a BMW, wearing a funky pair of sunglasses covering her entire face besides her teeth, toting a Prada handbag, pulls up at a store somewhere in Johannesburg.  The salespeople in the store see her and hold their head in agony: “Oh no, not that pain again!” Whilst all of them scramble

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