Month: October 2015

Marrying Mr Right in Wrongwaytown


Marriages are made in heaven, but the wedding ceremony takes place on earth … and at times, besides the Mehr-e-Fatimi, there is nothing heavenly about it.

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Trash That Toxic Toothpaste

Before you brush this article aside as just one of those “funny fumigation facts,” I appeal to you to read it with an open mind so that it changes the way you approach your dental hygiene from now on.   The fact that the majority of people uses a product or think in a certain

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Cry The Beloved Ummat

On the one side, we have the USA, NATO, Turkey, the Arab countries and many western countries – supporting the so-called Sunni world; on the other, we have Iran, Russia, China and some other Far-Eastern cou ntries backing the so called Shi’ite world.  On a broader level, we can say its East versus West, with

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